A podcast of fascinating facts! What do extraterrestrial radio signals and a mushroom from Texas have in common? What is a “number station“ and why is it so spine-tinglingly creepy? Join comedians Shane Rogers and Duncan MacEwan for an entertaining and hilarious deep-dive into obscure facts from science, history and pop culture. A new topic each week!

November 19, 2020

Welcome to the Manosphere: Pick-up Artists, Incels, and the Seduction Community

What's the difference between an MRA and a MGTOW? Should you even care? Probably not, but we'll tell you anyway. Join the guys for a weird and occasionally uncomfortable journey through the confused, incestuous network of online communities collectively known as the manosphere. 

*TW: There is discussion of sensitive topics in this episode, including brief references to sexual assault.*

In this episode:

  • The history of PUAs
  • Ovid and the Ars Amatoria ("Art of Love")
  • Don Juan (Don Giovanni) 
  • Giacomo Casanova
  • Jack Hanley and Being a Gentlemen's Guide to Guide to Scientific Seduction in 8 Easy Steps
  • Norton Hughes Johnathan's Guide Book for the Young Man About Town
  • Eric Weber and How to Pick Up Girls!
  • Neil Strauss and The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists
  • Mystery (Erik Von Markovik)
  • PUA Techniques and Terminology:
    • Peacocking
    • Negging
    • Approach Anxiety
    • Targets, Sets
    • Sarging
    • Last Minute Resistance
    • Assuming Familiarity
    • Keno Escalation/Compliance Test
    • HBs and the hotness scale
  • Template of a pickup
  • Dr. Bianca Fileborn
  • VH1 and The Pickup Artist
  • The Manoshpere:
    • Men's Rights Activists
    • MGTOWs
    • Incels
    • Red Pill
  • The appeal of PUA


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