A podcast of fascinating facts! What do extraterrestrial radio signals and a mushroom from Texas have in common? What is a “number station“ and why is it so spine-tinglingly creepy? Join comedians Shane Rogers and Duncan MacEwan for an entertaining and hilarious deep-dive into obscure facts from science, history and pop culture. A new topic each week!

October 21, 2021

The Fiery, Pagan History of Halloween

Why do we wear costumes on Halloween? When did pumpkins and candy get involved? And how the heck do you pronounce "Samhain"?

Listen to find out...


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In this episode:  

  • Celtic Festivals, Gaelic Origins
  • Samhain and Beltane
  • Fairies (The Aos Si)
  • Bonfires, Livestock, Leaps
  • Liminal Celebrations
  • The Romans and Feralia
  • Pomona
  • Apple Bobbing? 
  • Feast of All Martyrs
  • Pope Boniface IV
  • Pope Gregory III
  • All Saints Day (All Hallows Day)
  • Feast of All Souls
  • All Hallows Day/Evening
  • Allhallowe'en
  • Souling and Allhallowtide
  • Soul Cakes
  • Souling Plays
  • Guising
  • Mischief Night
  • Jack O'Lanterns 
  • Stingy Jack
  • Turnip Lanterns
  • Trick or Treating
  • Candy Corn
  • Pet Costumes
  • Calorie Counts


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