A podcast of fascinating facts! What do extraterrestrial radio signals and a mushroom from Texas have in common? What is a “number station“ and why is it so spine-tinglingly creepy? Join comedians Shane Rogers and Duncan MacEwan for an entertaining and hilarious deep-dive into obscure facts from science, history and pop culture. A new topic each week!

January 21, 2021

Nuclear Power: Evil or Misunderstood? (It’s a Little of Both)

Nuclear power is about as popular as a three-eyed fish, but it still provides 10% of the world's electricity (and double that percentage in America). So how bad IS this stuff? And is there a possible future in which nuclear power provides almost ALL of the world's energy? (Spoiler: there is!)


Join the boys for an irradiated romp through the science, history, and future of nuclear power.


In this epidode:

  • Don't call it "nucular"
  • Statistics etc.
  • A nuclear reactor is a steam engine
  • Components of a fission reactor
  • Splitting the Adam (atom)
  • Nuclear rods
  • Uranium-235 and chain reactions
  • Cadmium control rods
  • History of nuclear power
    • Willhelm Rontgen
    • Marie Curie
    • Ernest Rutherford
    • Albert Einstein 
    • Enrico Fermi
    • The Manhattan Project
    • The Atomic Energy Commission
    • Chicago Pile 1
    • Experimental Breeder Reactor 1
  • Nuclear Submarines
  • Nuclear meltdowns (Chernobyl, 3-Mile Island, Fukushima)
  • Nuclear waste "mishaps"
  • The future of nuclear energy
  • Nuclear fusion
    • Plasma
    • States of matter
      • Bose-Einstein condensate

      • quark- glucagon plasma

      • neutron-degenerate matter

    • Deuterium-Tritium reaction (D-T)
    • Plasma containment: magnets
    • Tokamaks
    • ITER:

      International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor. 

    • Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory


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