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February 11, 2021

Murdersville U.S.A: The Serial Killers of Santa Cruz

Finally, an MFFI true-crime crossover!

In the 1970s, a small California surf town earned the nickname “Murdersville USA.” As bodies piled up with no explanation or apparent connection, the Santa Cruz Police Department became increasingly desperate. Gun sales shot through the roof, and the entire beachfront community devolved into panic. It would take years for law enforcement to unravel the convoluted chain of events and confirm that multiple serial killers had been simultaneously operating out of the same tiny town...and one of them was a six-foot-nine necrophiliac cannibal named Edmund Kemper.

And guess where MFFI is based? In fact, it turns out that the Sleepless Cell (the MFFI podcast studio) is located mere blocks from the former house—and grisly homebase—of one of the most notorious psychopaths in American history.

Join the boys for a terrifying romp through the blood-soaked history of Santa Cruz.

In this episode:

  • Santa Cruz in the 70s
  • The Ohta residence mass murder
  • John Linley Frazier
  • Herbert Mullin
  • Earthquakes and telepathy 
  • Victims: 
    • Lawrence White
    • Mary Guilfoyle
    • Father Henri Tomei
    • Jim Gianera+1
    • Kathy Francis+2
    • the Henry Cowell killings 
    • Fred Perez
  • Ed Kemper intro 


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