A podcast of fascinating facts! What do extraterrestrial radio signals and a mushroom from Texas have in common? What is a “number station“ and why is it so spine-tinglingly creepy? Join comedians Shane Rogers and Duncan MacEwan for an entertaining and hilarious deep-dive into obscure facts from science, history and pop culture. A new topic each week!

January 7, 2021

Memes: They’re Literally Everything

This episode was a doozy. It turns out there's a ton of hard science behind memes, plus bucketloads of history, and this week's MFFI is packed.

In this episode:

  • Richard Dawkins and The Selfish Gene
  • Mimeme/Mimema/Mossy Bugs
  • Chad, M*A*S*H, and "Kilroy was here"
  • Frodo Lives!
  • Andre the Giant has a posse
  • Mike Godwin
  • The first digital meme: The emoticon, by Scott E Fahlman
  • Godwin's Law 
  • Michael Girard and the Dancing Baby meme
  • Mr. T ate my balls
  • Deidre LaCarte and The Hamster Dance
  • The Cuban Boys on the Canadian charts
  • Harry Whittier Frees and his lolcat postcards
  • LOLcats rule the 'net
  • Icanhascheezburger
  • Rick Rolling, FAILblog, Rage Comics
  • All your base are belong to us
  • Dank Memes
  • Scumbag Steve
  • Grumpy Cat
  • Change my Mind
  • Distracted Boyfriend
  • Ermahgerd
  • Kombucha girl
  • White guy blinking
  • Pepe the Frog


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