A podcast of fascinating facts! What do extraterrestrial radio signals and a mushroom from Texas have in common? What is a “number station“ and why is it so spine-tinglingly creepy? Join comedians Shane Rogers and Duncan MacEwan for an entertaining and hilarious deep-dive into obscure facts from science, history and pop culture. A new topic each week!

February 17, 2022

The History of F@!#%$g Profanity

It's a god#%m mothe$#@king s*#tshow on this week's episode as the guys explore the history, purpose, and benefits of profanity. Keep it classy, Insomniacs. 

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In this episode:  

  • Profanus: Outside of Temple
  • Zounds
  • Osculation
  • Sl*tty Tummies
  • The Overton Window
  • Modern Profanity: Racism, Sexism, and all the other isms
  • The Problem With Time Machines
  • The Home of Profanity: The Right-Brain Limbic System
  • Aphasia
  • International Restrictions on Speech
  • Obscenity Laws
  • The Miller Test (The 3-Pronged Obscenity Test)
  • Averages and Community Standards
  • Lenny Bruce
  • Jim Morrison, Hugh Hefner, and Mae West
  • George Carlin's "7 Dirty Words"
  • Eddie Murphy's "Delirious"
  • Telegraph, Radio, and Television
  • The Radio Act of 1912 
  • The Federal Radio Commission
  • The Radio Act of 1927
  • The Federal Communications Commission
  • WBAI 
  • John Douglas Goes to the Supreme Court
  • The Code of Practices for Television Broadcasters
  • The Fairness Doctrine
  • The Hays Code (The Motion Picture Production Code)
  • The MPAA and Arbitrary Ratings
  • Steven Pinker and the 5 Functions of Swearing
  • Cathartic, Dysphemistic, Emphatic, Idiomatic, Coprolalia


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